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Is it true that fresh Aloe Vera can treat baby’s eczema? And when given as a juice (6 months +) it helps to boost child’s immune system?
My girl has eczema on her face, arms and legs on and off. I do not wish to rely on prescribed medications that only suppress the symptoms and usually contain steroids. I hope to find natural cures for eczema that really works. Please help.



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Roxanne Lau answered:
Thanks for your question! Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline: Aloe Vera has a long association with herbal medicine and has antibacterial and antifungal activities. Its healing properties include the relieve of eczema symptoms by moisturizing and reducing the itchiness. Eczema in babies and small children is extremely common. Babies are most prone to eczema because their immune system and digestive system are still developing. It is difficult to find out the reason usually, but what we can do is to try to avoid medicines filled with chemicals, which may trigger even more severe allergies, eczema and even asthma. Aloe Vera is a miracle plant which can sooth itching, moisturize skin, and reduce inflammation, associated with eczema. As much as possible, use the most natural source of Aloe Vera for treating skin problem which works the best. If you cannot get Aloe Vera fresh but only as a product, then be sure you get one that is as close to the natural plant as possible. Choose either organic or 100% natural products which can be bought online or at your nearest health store.


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Audrey_Tan answered:
There are scientific reports that aloe vera applied to the skin accelerates the healing of wounds and burns, and studies have been carried out comparing the efficacy of aloe vera gel with conventional treatments of burns. There are also anecdotal reports suggesting that topical aloe vera can help to soothe inflammatory skin disorders, including eczema and psoriasis. However, there are no published data from properly conducted scientific studies to provide evidence that aloe vera in various forms is an effective therapy for eczema. If you are planning to try using aloe vera gel on your child’s skin, you may want to try it on a small area of affected skin in the first few days and look for a response. In order to reduce the need to depend on topical medication, try moisturizing your child’s skin intensively with a good moisturizer three times a day, especially after every bath. Avoid products that might irritate the skin, such as soaps and fragrances


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Thank you ladies for sharing. My girl has mild eczema and is all clear now. I've tried most of the organic brands and from my experiences this is the one that really works - BabyGanics Eczema Care skin protection cream. It contains Colloidal Oatmeal and is Cortisone and Steroid free. This is the BEST eczema cream and is available at Watsons.


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I bought the aloe vera from guardian and used on my boy who used to have some slight eczema, and it did not help at all. In the end, it's the cream prescribed by doc that aided. Just a very thin layer helped tremendously.


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Aloe vera suppose to be good for skin but it takes awhile to heal especially for bad eczema unlike using steroid cream. Unless you use the fresh aloe vera juice to apply directly on skin. I bought the organic aloe vera gel as a moisturizer for my baby and so far it works. At least the flare up of eczema has lessen.

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