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Connie asked:
How to take care of a fever baby? My baby is 7mth-old.She had fever this morning reached 40 degrees. I gave medicine and breastfeed her. Now she is alright, no more fever. The fever come and go for more than 1 week already. can mummies here share your experience how to handle baby fever as to prevent the fever will not come back again?



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Dione Law answered:
Thanks for your question! Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline: Fever is usually caused by viral infection that lasts 3 to 4 days. To help to lower down your baby’s body temperature, try to give some suitable fever relieve medications that are recommended by your doctor. A sponge bath may also help to bring the temperature down. Don't overdress your child or bundle her up when she's sleeping. If the high temperature still persists, it is best to consult the doctor for further advice.


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cheesesy answered:
Can understand your u feel as an anxious mum cos I been thru these too! Continue to bf her cos that wil keep her hydrated. U neef to sponge her as much ad u can. But do not use ice cold water. Normal tap water is fine. That will bring her body heat dwn n keep her cool. Usually fever wil come at night so u need to keep late nights to monitor her fever. It will b hard on u but one u see yr bb recovering its worth it. Another impt thing is, pls ensure age is still energetic n not v restless n lethargic. If yes then do bring her to pd. Take care.


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