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Tulipzblossom asked:
My 7yo girl droppee her upper 2 front teeth few mths ago. I can recal when. .mayb more than 3 mths. 1 has grwn to half length but abit slanted. The other 1 not yet grow.
My concerns are: wil the slant tooth straighten n is tis normal? Is it normal that the other one has not grown sineeits so long already? When will it grow?



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Arora Valley answered:
Thanks for your question. Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline: All children are different, some lose and/or grow in new teeth quickly and others more slowly. There is tremendous variability in this eruption process, and sometimes kids can be toothless for six months or more. If you are really worried about it, you can take your daughter to a dentist; she can take X-Rays to determine whether the permanent teeth are in the correct position, and give you an estimate for when they will be erupting. As far as slanted tooth is concerned it can be due to thumb sucking or using of a pacifier. If a child keeps sucking a soother or thumb after the permanent teeth have come in, it could cause problems with how the jaw and teeth grow. Front teeth often erupt at different angles and the muscle forces of the tongue and lips usually pull them into the right place over a period of few months. Early dental visits provide you with information to help your children stop sucking habits before they affect the developing permanent teeth.


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Yeo_Siang_Khin answered:
Your child is undergoing the “The Ugly Duckling Stage”, a stage between the ages of 7- 12 when the child has rather crooked looking teeth and sometimes a space between the front teeth called the mediam diastema. This is caused the developing upper canine teeth which is compressing the roots of the front incisors resulting in the slanting teeth. Most times, the teeth will straighten out nicely once the canines erupt, usually at age 12. As for the missing front tooth, it should erupt in a few months so you should not worry too much. You can see a dentist to take an Xray to check the possibility of a missing tooth but this is quite rare. Sometimes, a front tooth is blocked from erupting by the presence of an extra ‘tooth’ called a mesio dens, a small canine-like extra tooth that presents usually between the upper front central incisors. Again, a simple Xray can diagnose this problem. Do remember the old fairy tale: The ugly duckling eventually emerges as a beautiful swan! If your child is over the age of 12 and the front teeth are still looking crooked, you should consult an orthodontist.


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Applejack answered:
It happened to my son too. Though it's not the front tooth. His one was the bottom one and it took a few months to completely grow out. I was worried that time and hence consulted his school dentist. (And it's free!) I suggest you call her school to find out with the dentist.


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