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Delphiaxinlin asked:
How many gram should my baby weigh at 25 weeks pregnant ? And what can I do or eat to increase the baby weight in my tummy ? I'm so scare .



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Roxanne Lau answered:
Hi Delphiaxinlin, you may want to check out our pregnancy calendar at to find out more on your fetus development according to your pregnancy week. The information given from our website is an estimation and every fetus development is different. Do check with your gynae if you have any concern on the progress of your pregnancy. Do ensure you have a well balance diet throughout your pregnancy in order for your fetus to have a healthy growth. Therefore it is important that a pregnant woman consume a variety of foods that contain vitamin C, iron, protein, folic acid and calcium. Other than healthy diet, exercise is also important during your pregnancy. Getting adequate physical activity during pregnancy helps a fetus grow and develop in a healthy way, including gaining enough weight. Always discuss any new diet changes or exercise routines with your gynae to be sure you aren't putting your health or your unborn baby's health in jeopardy.


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Claudine_Tan answered:
At 25 weeks, baby should weigh about 600 grams. As long as your doctor checks that your baby is growing well, there is no need to increase your intake. The most important diet to have when you are pregnant is to have a healthy balanced diet.


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Mixueer answered:
There is no need to worry - at each gynae's visit, she will do ultra sound scan for you to check bb's growth and weight. She is the best person to adv u if bb is growing well or not. Just ensure that u eat a healthy diet with folic acid and multivitamins. Drink lotsa of water too. And do not purposely eat alot to increase your bb's weight, cos this will cause more harm to both of u, like eg, gestational diebetes, premature bb etc.


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