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Anonymous User asked:
How do find time to read or play with my child as I only can take care of her on weekend ?
Me & my husband are working in Singapore whereas our 1 year child is taking care by babysitter in Johor, Malaysia. We go back Johor, Malaysia every Saturday morning then coming back Singapore on Sunday afternoon.



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Dione Law answered:
Thanks for your question! Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline! It’s important that your child gets quality time with you or your partner. However, quality time need not be just reading or playing with her. In fact, you could have special fun days out with her, which will help her feel special and loved. Kids grow up in a swift of time. So make sure you cherish every single moment, or else you’ll regret for not spending more quality time with your child in future. If you need to travel during weekends just to be with your child, I’m sure you’ll feel different after seeing your child, despite the hectic schedule. Your partner and yourself can also come up with a plan to rotate “shifts” to spend time with her, while another person can try to grab some rest in between. Sitting down together as a family to enjoy a meal is also adequate enough to show some family love. Don’t allow time to run out for you and your child. Be conscientious of the special bonding time, and treasure these valuable moment while you can.


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Fonnie_Lo answered:
Though you can see your child only over the weekend, spending quality time together is important. Plan activities which are to help your child to develop his/her 4 main areas: language, cognitive, physical, social and emotion. You can plan for a family outing to enjoy the nature together by going to the zoo or seeing birds. Play interactive games like peekapoo or pat-a-cake, sing nursery rhythms with movements, dance together with him/her, tell stories by using props, or beating an empty tin as a drum. Involve your child in every movement or actions in playing. Encourage your child to pull up, stand, cruise and walk. Talk to your child in complete sentences for language development as children love to imitate sounds. You can record your singing and arrange babysitter to dance or sing with your child with the songs that you sing. You can try to talk to your child by using skype once or twice a week for a short while each time.


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mummy'sprecious answered:
one of my malaysia friend is also working in Singapore and only return back to Malaysia every Friday night. Her girl is 2 years plus. She usually try to engage her daughter in some family activities such as bringing daughter for a good meal with her husband. or else bring her daughter to relatives house for play with other kids. they are very loving, despite of the lack of family bonding time. They make use of every free times to play with their daughter despite of the tiredness travelling to and fro SG and malaysia. sometimes if their schedule allows, they'll also bring their kids to SG to have some fun. Mostly importantly is to let your child know that you still care for her. Actions are very impt. And also, the couples must communicate well and to also "work hand in hand" to share the love with the child ,as they are still young and requires more attention from the parents.


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