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frenzishar asked:
My 2 year old niece has not been talking much apart from basics ma pa etc... She does talk in her nananana language for very long.. She loves talking but when will she start talking normally like if she wants water she points but doesn't say water .. How do I get her to speak.. PS its my niece and I am her full time care giver...



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Michelle Ang answered:
Generally at 2 years old, the toddler’s language and vocabulary should increase, and she should be able to combine three or more words into sentences. Here are some ways to stimulate a child to speak: - Focus on what your niece is trying to say, rather than on her pronunciation. This will make her more confident about talking to you. - Bring her out and have a chatting session with her. For eg, Point out different objects to her and ask her questions like “Do you see a cat?” Wait for her to respond. Even though she does not respond back, you need to be patient and try again. - Read picture books to her. When reading out loud, ask her to identify the different objects and then encourage her to say it out loud. - Eat something she likes in front of her but do not offer it to her. She will highly likely display her craving for the food. This is when you will make her talk to ask for it. - Plan playdates for her. When she sees other kids talking, she will be inspired to join in. While this process of language development can stressful, these need to be done in patience and with love. However, to rule out issues which you might suspect, it is recommended to consult your paediatrician to further access.


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Liew_Woei_Kang answered:
Your niece shows signs of speech delays if she is unable to speak a few words and string 1-2 words together as a 2 year old. I would usually determine if this is an isolated speech delay, or associated with other developmental delays. In most situations, an isolated speech delay may be a maturation delay, but it can be also due to other factors like hearing deficits, multiple language exposure or lack of direct speech stimulation. I would suggest a review with your paediatrician to perform a full developmental assessment. The advice are kept general and not a substitute for a consultation. Kindly consult your doctor or paediatrician as a detailed history and examination is important to come to a diagnosis and treatment plan.


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My niece is also very quiet, though she is in K2 now. To make her talk to me, I asked her things that interests her. For eg, if she likes to can chocolates, I will buy chocolates and show it to her. I will then ask her if she wants or not. At first, she will still not open her mouth to talk, but her body language tells me that she is very delighted to see the chocolates. Slowly, I asked her and she opened up and answered me yes, though its only one word from her. But at least I succeeded. I guess it takes a lot of patience. But we need to be watchful too, to eliminate other speech issues the child might have.


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