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HelloKitty Mum asked:
My 8 months old rejects solids since 1 mth ago. The semi solids which he usually likes such as cerelac cereal, potato and avacado purees, he rejects totally. And I realized he started to reject those after he recovers from his stomach flu.
He is only interested in baby biscuits, bread and milk. Tried introducing porridge but rejects. Is it healthy to only introduce milk formula to him since he is rejecting solids? His weight didn't increase much and was quite stagnant. Is there any other food I could try for him as he doesn't have any teeth yet. Appreciate your advice.



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Roxanne Lau answered:
Thanks for your question! Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline! Food refusal is very common at this age. If baby refuses solids, try again later (maybe a week or two), and maybe with a different food. Some babies may refuse solids until 8-9 months or even longer. Introduce your baby gradually to solid foods. Once he accepts them (it might take some time), continue milk feeding as before and add solids as your baby’s appetite increases. A few bites once a day is enough in the beginning, but gradually increase. A lot of babies are slow to take to solids. It’s not uncommon for some babies to take several months once solids have been introduced before they really take to them well. Babies who are slow to teethe and babies who have food sensitivities are often the ones who are slower to begin eating solids. This “slowness” may be their bodies’ way of protecting them until the digestive system is more ready to accept new foods.


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Liew_Woei_Kang answered:
It is common that the appetite is reduced during a stomach flu, and in the immediate period after. Thankfully this is usually transient and recovers within a few weeks. I would suggest to persist in giving him some weaning solids, and retry the other foods previously tolerated. The weight can be transiently lowered or stagnant after an illness, but should regain the previous trajectory after recovery. You may also try some probiotics to improve abdominal gas and bloatedness after gastrointestinal infections. The advice are kept general and not a substitute for a consultation. Kindly consult your doctor or paediatrician as a detailed history and examination is important to come to a diagnosis and treatment plan.


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Xiao2Hui answered:
Some babies will require a longer period of time to stop refusing solids. My baby used to also reject solids, I have tried using different types of broth to prepare his porridge (chicken/fish/beef) to find if he has any liking to a particular taste of solids. I have also tried adding some milk powder into the puree vegetables and cereals to make the solids a little "creamier" to see if he likes it. After much trying, he loves his meals now! So never give up and just keep trying! Hope this helps!


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