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kittyronan asked:
Hi, my daughter 6 year old usually have constipation since small. Normally she will pass motion 2-3 days once. Sometimes will be 4-5 days once also. Any worry about this? Kindly advise
Constipation concern for health gut even drinks Dumex every day since baby.



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Roxanne Lau answered:
Hi Kittyronan, Usually, a child who has bowel movement fewer than three times a week (or less often than she typically does), and whose stools are hard and difficult to pass, is constipated. Lack of fibre and fluids in the diet may lead to constipation. You may want to increase your daughter's water and fluid intake such as barley water, milk, soup, fruit juices (e.g. fresh prune juice). Encourage her to eat foods that are rich in dietary fibre such as fruits and vegetables (at least 4 servings a day), beans or wholegrain products. Also, a constipated child may have painful experience with bowel movements in the past, which leads them to avoid using the bathroom out of fear that it will hurt again. Not using the bathroom can turn into an uncomfortable cycle. Stools begin to build up in the lower part of the bowel, getting bigger and harder until it is difficult and painful to pass. Try to improve her bowel habits by encouraging her to use the bathroom at regular times during the day, especially after meals and whenever she feels the urge to go. Would suggest bringing your child to a doctor if the simple measures described above hasn't worked and your child has constipation for a long time or having abdominal pain.


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