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Anonymous User asked:
Is Dumex not suitable for my baby?
My 7mths old girl developed rashes on the neck and cheeks after drinking Mamil® Gold PreciNutri™+ Step 2 sample. I made 100ml (3 scopes of powder) and she finished everything but after 5mins she started screaming and scratching. She also vomited the milk and after1hr, the rashes faded off. Both the neck and cheeks are still red but not as bad. Dumex is the first milk powder she tried.



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Shuling Soh answered:
Hi Yen Ling, Thank you for your question. Hope your child is feeling better. Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline! The symptoms your child experienced could be a sign of allergy. An allergy is when the immune system gets confused by reacting to an allergen in the food and builds up antibodies to attack it. The body releases defense chemicals which causes an allergic reaction such as sneezing, swelling, diarrhea or a rash.  Keeping a diary of what you give your child can help you to spot where the problem lies and only offering a new food every four days during complementary feeding, will help you spot any new reaction.  It's important to get your doctor to diagnose an allergy if you suspect one. For milk preparation, we also advise to follow accordingly to the correct dilution provided on the label as 30ml water to 1 scoop of powder to ensure your child receives enough calories from the milk formula mixture. If you have any further concerns or questions, feel free to contact us at Dumex Careline at 1800 265 3188 (Monday-Friday, 9-6pm). We wish your child a speedy recovery.


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