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Anonymous User asked:
How do I introduce soy milk to 2yo toddlers? Can I mix with normal mamil milk powder to feed? How to make it taste better for him.
I bot mamil soy milk and mamil gold milk



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Jenny Chew answered:
Dear Mummy, Thanks for your question! Our Healthcare Expert will be answering some questions every week but in the meantime, here's a little tip from our Careline! Soy GUM formula is used to provide nutritional support during lactose intolerance or cow’s milk protein sensitivity. In general, Soy is generally well accepted by the majority of children. We would advise to give alternate feed on Soy and Mamil Gold. You can also try combining Soy milk with other foods, e.g. blending Soy milk with fresh fruits to make yummy and nutritious fruity milkshakes or smoothies to taste better. Hope this helps!


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