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oink17 asked:
How to get Daddy prepared for newborn? Any mummies with tips to share?



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Roxanne Lau answered:
Becoming a new dad can be a joy or even a stress. Getting your husband involved during your pregnancy is crucial and this could get him more prepared when baby arrives. Request your husband to accompany you during your pregnancy checkups and attend pre-natal class together to get him mentally prepared on how to handle a little baby for the first time. After the arrival of your baby, daddy is always the one who feels stressful than mummy as he may feel he is unable to provide the best for the child. Do reassure him if you realize he is having that thought and get him to carry baby more often to help him rid the fear of handling a newborn baby who is still so fragile. Do involve your husband in changing diapers, bathing or feeding your baby during your confinement period so you can receive ample rest for yourself. Do not feel unease when your husband is taking over the task from you. Give him more trust while he helps you with your baby as this could train his confidence level. My husband got himself prepared by watching some online videos on how to handle a newborn before the arrival of our baby. Remember, your encouragement is crucial to your husband in getting him to be involved.


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April answered:
You can start by updating him everyday how is baby in your tummy, get him to talk or to sing to baby, let him feel when baby moves and getting things needed for baby's arrival. Can plan and dress up baby's room together. Besides going for childbirth education class together, you can get hubby to go online to search for videos on how to shower baby, how to fold napkins, how to burp baby etc... Alternatively can get hubby to read books to gain more knowledge and will lend you a helping hand when needed. My hubby was handling baby for the first week as my stitches still hurt. I actually picked up some tips from him n learnt from him.


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Celia answered:
I think prenatal class did help us a lot as I tend to see and forget after some time. But I'm surprise that my husband remembered on everything and helps me out. Things like changing diapers, burping baby and even how to breastfeed! I'm glad to have him with me to walk through the process! :)


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Sonia answered:
Shopping for Baby's item together. Go for check up together, let him see the ultra scan. Let him fix up the baby's cot. Attend baby's talk together.


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June answered:
Attending prenatal classes together, so he'll not feel so 'detached' and he will learn how to feed, bathe baby etc.

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