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Anonymous User asked:
hi mummies any advice on how i can help my 8 mth old son yo overcome his stranger anxiety?



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Roxanne Lau answered:
Stranger anxiety is usually a recurrence behavior child inhibited during their infancy stage. Parents should socialize them and avoid sheltering them too much which could prevent child from developing stranger anxiety. When your child exhibits stranger anxiety, there are some things that you can do to help alleviate his fear. Try to calm him down by patting him or hugging him to ease his anxiety. Try to remain an arm's reach when your child is near to a stranger or someone whom he is not familiar with is talking or playing with him as this can be very calming to him if he sees you around. Try to expose him to people more often when you bring him out especially to shopping mall or even friends' or relatives' house. You might even want to consider to sign him up for some enrichment classes so he can socialize with friends and teachers. Separation anxiety is a phase. Some children feel it more intensely than others but all children will eventually grow out of it.


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Janice answered:
Do you bring your son out often? Or does he stay home most of the time. Perhaps, you could try taking him for walks in the park or just around your neighbourhood to expose him. After he is comfortable with a foreign environment, you can slowly introduce "strangers" which could be your relatives or friends. Always reassure your son that you are there and you will not abandon him but you are just letting someone hold him. If he resists or is too agitated, pls do not insist.


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Eileen answered:
Hi mummy, bring him out more often. Let him see lots of different faces. This will help! :)

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