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Lynn asked:
What's dilation
What's dilation & how long does it last???



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Roxanne Lau answered:
Dilation refers to the opening of cervical at the end of pregnancy in order to allow the baby to pass from the uterus. The duration tends to vary quite a lot from person to person. There are several signs that indicate that the dilation has started and that the labor is due soon. When the cervix begins to open, the mucus plug that seals the uterus during pregnancy will be expelled through the vagina. It may come out as a clear or cloudy, thick discharge .The mucus plug, however, may also come out in a single, solid piece resembling an actual plug or tinged with blood (bloody show). At the same time, you will probably also experience more frequent and intense contractions. Doctor will carry out a vaginal exam by inserting the second and third finger into your vagina to estimate how much it has opened up. Cervix that has dilated 4 to 7 centimeters is a sign that the labor has started. Uterine contractions and the pressure from the baby during active labor will make the cervix dilate further reaching 10 centimeters . Once the cervix is completely open, it will be time to start pushing your baby out.


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Sonia answered:
Cervical dilation is the opening of the cervix. During active labor, your cervix will dilate to 10 centimeters.Active labor often lasts up to twelve hours. For some women, active labor lasts hours longer. For others — especially those who've had a previous vaginal delivery — active labor is much shorter.


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Winnie Yap answered:
Dilation is the opening of your cervix. When labour contractions start, your cervix will start to open. However, your cervix may start to open even before labour contractions. During active labour, when your cervix has dilated to 10cm, your baby is ready to be pushed out.


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Connie answered:
Cervical dilation (or cervical dilatation) is the opening of the cervix, occur in a pregnant woman as labor and delivery get closer. The timing is different in every pregnant woman. For some pregnant women, dilation is a gradual process that takes weeks, or even a month; others can dilate overnight. In the later stages of pregnancy, the cervix may already have opened up to 1–3 cm (or more in rarer circumstances), but during labor, repeated uterine contractions lead to further widening of the cervix to about 6 centimeters. From that point, pressure from the presenting part (head in vertex births or bottom in breech births), along with uterine contractions, will dilate the cervix to 10 centimeters, which is "complete."

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