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Evonne asked:
If my first child was born premature, will my second child be premature too?



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Arora Valley answered:
A premature baby is one who is born too early, before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy. If you have already had one premature birth, you do have a greater chance of having another, but try not to let this worry you. When you know you are pregnant, contact your doctor and book in for your antenatal care as early as possible. You can help to reduce your chances of having another premature birth by attending all your antenatal appointments and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. Being aware of your body and having a healthy lifestyle will help keep your baby safely inside you for as long as possible. Sometimes doctors can take steps to make sure that you avoid another premature labour. Though there's no way to guarantee a full-term birth, pregnant women can take certain steps to maximize their odds: don't smoke, avoid alcohol and eat a healthy diet along with prenatal vitamins and get a moderate amount of exercise. It is important to see your doctor for a medical checkup before pregnancy.


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Claudine_Tan answered:
If your first child was born premature, it does increase the chance of your second child being born premature but majority of the women still deliver at term. However if you had your first child very early, there is a higher chance of it happening again than if it occurred between 32 to 36 weeks. The most important thing to do is to have a healthy lifestyle and go for your regular antenatal appointments. If there is a known cause for your premature labour, your doctor will discuss your options with you.


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Jenny answered:
My first child was born premature and my gynae advise me to monitor closely. I think generally, the 2nd labour tends to be faster, so thats why gynae tends monitor more closely especially if the 1st birth is a premature birth.


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Felicia answered:
Citing from a friend's experience, her 1st boy was born prematurely as she walked alot. Her 2nd boy was born full term. Today, I went to my gynae. She said my 1st child was not born prematurely. So likely 2nd one also will not be premature. So I guess according to my gynae, there seems to be a link but not definite.

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