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Jenny asked:
Anyone used the lamaze breathing technique? is it helpful? Any lamaze video that i can look at to learn the technique to manage pain?



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Arora Valley answered:
Lamaze breathing technique is generally used by women who want to experience natural labor and childbirth. During pregnancy, a mother-to-be practices Lamaze breathing exercises so that during labor, she will be familiar with important rhythmic breathing patterns which help women turn their attention away from their contractions. Lamaze may work because the deep-breathing exercises and relaxation techniques taught help to keep a women comfortable, focused and in control during labor and childbirth. Lamaze method may empower pregnant women by giving them the knowledge they need to overcome their fears of childbirth. Breathing exercise classes are available in Singapore for pregnant women in all the major government hospitals. We would advise you to contact them for further information.


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Applejack answered:
Never heard abt this before.. I tink the best way to manage pain is to use epidural. Well some mothers might not want to opt for this, and instead, they will go for post-natal classes to learn abt breathing techniques too. But when u are in labor, the pain would be so unbearable.. I dont think breathing helps though..


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Relaxation and breathing techniques can distract you and help you feel a better sense of control, but they might not dull the pain. I am sorry I have to agree with 'Applejack' when labor pain comes nothing works except epidural. I've tried almost everything from breathing techniques to 'Happy gas'... they didn't work.


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Fluttershy78 answered:
I read about this lamaze breathing technique before. This is commonly taught during pre-natal classes, and the husband's participation is also important. It should be attended when women is in their 3rd tri. It is said to help with your labor pain and also includes the role your partner plays during the labor to support you. Well, i think all pre-natal classes would teach u all the techniques for handling labor, and it need not be "lamez"..hope this helps =)

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